"The skills our child developed from attending Bambini Montessori were an improved understanding of peer interaction, a strong start to reading and comprehension and development of leadership skills. Our Child greatly enjoyed his time at Bambini. He liked the freedom that the Montessori method provided him regarding helping to choose what areas of learning he undertook each day. Ms. Sheryl is excellent with the children. She always treated each child as an individual and made an effort to understand each child's progress, strengths and needs."

- Lara and Joe Cook

"Bambini was a supportive, safe and nurturing environment for our son to learn and grow. We couldn't have asked for a better place with its comforting homelike feel and caring and engaging teachers like Ms. Sheryl. We are so grateful that we can look back in Rhys' preschool years with such fondness and joy!"

- Kristine Pavlik

"Both of my sons have attended Bambini Montessori. What a breath of fresh air! It is a preschool community where they feel joyful in their learning and secure in themselves. We are grateful that Ms. Sheryl has been a part of their lives."

- Laurel Clohessy

"Bambini Montessori is the best kept secret in Flagstaff. It is such an intimate and caring learning community, where my three year old has blossomed and truly thrives."

- Ann Marie De Wees

"When I went into Bambini Montessori to observe, I had tears in my eyes at their circle time. Ms. Sheryl truly listens to the children and I can tell that she tries to understand each individual child. The environment is calm and beautiful; a wonderful place to learn and grow in. Ms. Casey, the assistant teacher is full of smiles and joy, which is contagious! I am happy that my daughter is getting a chance to spend some of her days at Bambini."

- Jodi Boyd